South America

Fares are per person, full-board,
port taxes and deviation insurance included

East Coast

601. Argentina, Uruguay & Brazil (about 56 days)
Hamburg, Germany - Antwerp, Belgium - Le Havre, France - Santos & Paranagua, Brazil - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Montevideo, Uruguay - Rio Grande, Itapoa Paranagua & Santos, Brazil - Tanger, Morocco - Rotterdam,Netherlands. - London Gateway, U.K. - Hamburg 6 ships, 1 twin-bedded suite & 1 single cabin - Age limit: 6/79.
Santos is the first brazilian port south of São Paulo, exporting coffee, (you can discover the fortress built in 1709 and the old church devoted to the Blessed Virgin on the Mount Serrat.
Buenos Aires, one of the most important maritime calls in the world is Argentina’s capital, intellectual centre and economic metropolis with a european influence. You will be attracted by the diversity of its quarters, the kindness of its people, the incalculable number of coffee shops ("confiterías"), pizzerias, stands selling sweets and cigarettes and drug shops. You will enjoy some of the most delicious meat and see best tango’s dancers. Paranagua is a couloured town with its old quarter near the sea, with a tropical atmosphere, interesting churches, amuseum and colonial buildingsIf you stop in Buenos Aires you can easely go by ferry, from downtown and cross the Rio de la Plata to visit Colonia del Sacramento (in Uruguay). Tiny colonial jewel, many times subject of quarrels between the Portuguese and Spanish, this is a place with a peaceful atmosphere and old houses charged with past with narrow ancient streets.

Fare (56 days) in double suite or single cabin € 5.825

Le Havre - Buenos Aires (21 days): € 2.500
Buenos Aires - Rotterdam (27 days): € 3.070

602. Caribbean Sea, French Guyana & Northern Brazil (42 days)
Le Havre, France - Philipsburg, Netherland West Indies - Port of Spain, Trinidad - Degrad des Cannes, French Guyana- Vila do Conde, Fortaleza & Natal, Brazil - Algeciras, Spain- Rotterdam, Netherlands - Tilbury, U.K.- Rouen, France - Le Havre
Four container vessels from the French Line, Croatian Master, philippino crew
1 double Owner et 2 cabines double cabins - Age limit: 16/77

Fare in double Owner's cabin or double € 4 200
42 days in double cabin as sole use € 4.620

Le Havre - Phlipsburg (10 days) : € 1.300 ; € 1.400
Le Havre
- Degrad des Cannes (15 days) : € 1.500 ; € 1.650
Le Havre - Vila do Conde, near Belem (20 days) :
€ 2.000 ; € 2.200
Natal - Tilbury (14 days) :  € 1.400; € 1.540

603. South America East Coast from Mediterranean Sea (56 days)
Valencia, Spain - Gioia Tauro, Livorno & Genoa, Italy - Fos-sur-Mer, France - Barcelona & Valencia , Spain- Suape, Rio de Janeiro & Santos, Brazil - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Montevideo, Uruguay - Rio Grande, Navegantes, Itapoa, Santos, Rio de Janeiro & Suape, Brazil - Tanger, Morocco - Valencia
2 ships - 1 twin-bedded suite & 1 single cabin- Age limit: 6/79

Rio de Janeiro, on Guanabara bay is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The "cidade maravilhosa" has sandy beaches, mountains ("morros") and the sea. You must go up to the Corcovado’s mountain with its famous Christ, Rio’s top which gives you an unforgettable view. Anothertypical view of Rio is the Sugar Loaf accessible by cable car. The most famous beaches are still Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon. Do not miss the baroque buildings and modern architecture inspired from Le Corbusier, Burle Marx’s gardens, Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Do not forget to assist in the preparation of samba’s schools ( "escolas de samba") which practice all year long for Carnival. You will be surprised by the joy of living Rio’s inhabitants have (« cariocas »).
Salvador da Bahia, often called Bahia by Brazilians, is the capital of the state and a cultural centre of Brazil. This city kept its african soul and enlarged its own culture, taking the best part of its colonial past. Divided into two parts by a hill, Cidade Alta and Cidade Baixa, they are linked by Lacerda’s elevator and have a few tight streets (ladeiras). In the Cidade Alta you must see the Pelourinho, the Terreiro de Jesus and Anchieta and other quarters. There are plenty of churches (365 in the whole town) and houses dating from XVII century. In the Cidade Baixa, see the commercial centre, Mercado Modelo and the port. Do not forget to see a candomblé and capoeira show and enjoy its beaches.

Fare (56 days) in double suite or single cabin € 5.825

Fos-sur-Mer - Rio de Janeiro (16 days) : €2.025
Fos-sur-Mer - Buenos Aires (21 days) :
€ 2.500