General conditions & travel documents

• Insurances :

1. All shipping lines require a health accident insurance policy for the duration of the voyage.
In order to avoid taking insurance twice, please check with those you already have before getting a new one. Some credit cards such as Premier or Gold give you this insurance even if you do not use it to pay your voyage (nevertheless they do not cover for cancellation). But in any case, check with your Credit Card Center, indicating the trip you are going to take.
2. Cancellation fees for freighter travel are very expensive. It is highly recommended to take out a trip cancellation cost insurance policy.

C.C.C. CATALINA CARGO CONSEIL can propose travel insurances. Consult us for further information.

Travel Documents
A valid passport (generally between 12 to 6 months after your return) and visas required.
Important : the fact that you do not need a visa travelling by plane does not apply sometimes for the cargo, port authorities having other arrangements. For sample, an American visa type B1/B2 (tourism) is compulsory to go to the USA or even if the ship calls at an American port and you do not disembark. Merchant shipping lines are not par of the “Waiver program”.
C.C.C. CATALINA CARGO CONSEIL, will indicate necessary documents and vaccinations required for your voyage. The passenger is solely responsible for the validity and production of these documents. C.C.C. will give the corresponding certifications to show at Embassies or Consulates in order to obtain the visas.

Some innoculations are obligatory (as yellow fever for Africa, South America and when you cross Panama or Suez Canal). Concerning Yellow Fever, even if during your navigation you don not cross any risky zone, port authorities can required this vaccination and not accept exemption certificates. It is therefore very important to check with your doctor if there is any problem for you to be vaccinated. In the case that after booking your passage, you find out that you cannot be vaccinated, you will be obliged to cancel your voyage and face cancellation fees.
With your itinerary and International Vaccination book, please check with your Medical Center or with your doctor which other innoculations can be useful for your voyage, even if not required by the shipping line (influenza, hepatitis, etc.).

Medical certificate is required by the shipping line. Generally a form with questions is established by the shipping line. It must be completed, dated, signed and stamped by your doctor or by your Medical Center and often with a liability’s discharge to be signed by passenger.

Luggage free: it depends of the shipping line, generally between 100 and 150 kg per passenger. However, passenger must be careful as there is no luggage service on board and he must take himself his luggage on board.

Cars and pets: Some shipping lines accept accompanied cars but rarely pets. Passenger must provide valid documents (such as driver’s license, national & international, etc ).

Important: Freighter travel shipping lines have their own conditions and part of them concerns the freight all over the world. These conditions are specificals and different of those applied to cruise ships. Passenger must respect them as well as order and instructions of the Captain onboard.