General conditions & travel documents

Destinations :

Voyages detailed under "Destinations " represent a limited number of existing possibilities. The Cargo world is permanently changing and there are new routes opening regularly.

• Route and dates :

Itineraries and schedules (dates and time) are planned by the shipping line and are subject to change at any moment according to conditions and commercial priorities (of the freight shipping company). Neither the shipping line nor her agents can be responsible for such modifications. If by any chance the cargo ship you had booked is suddently destined for another service, the company and/or the agent will inform you immediately and will do their utmost to propose another vessel for the same destination and dates.

• Dates and time of arrival and departure at ports may change according to weather, freight, port traffic, etc… Therefore, any bookings such as flights, hotels or other services will have to take into consideration arrival and departure variations of the cargo. In any case, the shipping line or agent cannot be responsible for this. It is recommended to take out tickets (plane, train, bus) which can be modified to go to the port of embarkation and for the return if there is any.

• No doctor on board : Cargo ships accept less than 12 passengers on board and has no physician and/or medical facilities. Most of the officers has a fist aid training.
To travel on a cargo ship, you must be healthy and independent.
Passenger must be able to use the stairs without any difficulty.
A good physical condition is therefore compulsory.
For health and security reasons, pregnant woman and children under 5 cannot be accepted onboard the freighter ships.
In the same way, the vessels are not equipped to allow access to the disabled.
Most of the shipping lines do require a medical certificate and a liability’s discharge whatever the age of the passenger (these requirements are for some lines from 65 years old onwards). For cargo liners welcoming more than 12 passengers, there is a doctor on board and no age limit.

• Age limit:

It changes according to shipping lines (between 70 & 85 years). Please consult us for more information.

• Children:
Most of the shipping lines accept them from 6 years old and even younger children with a signed liability’s discharge. It is of course up to the adults travelling with them to take care of them during the whole voyage, as there is no kind of structure to take care of them on board.